The Mystery Of Redemption


“Above and beyond any considerations ofobedience22 convenience or efficiency, the principal reason why obedience is so essential for the disciple of Christ is that it forms part of the mystery of Redemption: Christ revealed to us His mystery; by his obedience he brought about our redemption.”

      -Lumen Gentium, Vatican Council II

For Reflection:

According to this quotation, obedience unites me to the redemption of Christ. For whom or for what do I wish to offer my obedience as a redemptive act of love?


B1663 (I & II)

Mystical Evolution in the Development and Vitality of the Church
2 Volume Set  Imprimatur. 876 pages
John G. Arintero, OP
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Introduction  page 4

From the lips of the priest they seek knowledge of the ways of God and find only the false lights of worldly prudence. Believing themselves to be in the hands of an experienced guide, they let themselves to be directed by a blind man who leads them to the precipice. So it is that piety is cooled and faith itself is lost because of the lack of masters who know how to speak with grace and to exhort with sound doctrine.

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