False Seer Tricks Pope Benedict into Receiving Her Book

Vatican Gardens where May 9 meeting took place

Vatican Gardens where May 9 meeting took place

A false seer who claims to be receiving messages from Jesus and Mary tricked Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI into publicly receiving a copy of her book by sending envoys to a meeting that was arranged under false pretenses.

According to Vatican Insider, the strange meeting occurred on May 9 in the Vatican Gardens just after the Rosary was prayed. Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, and his personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, received two men for a short meeting that was arranged by a man who claimed to be a chief superintendent of the Italian police.

The men handed him “a large book with a dark red cover and a stamp in the shape of a shell (conchiglia in Italian): the very same shell that appears in his episcopal and papal coat of arms,” the Insider reports.

Neither the pope nor his secretary knew what that the book contained messages from a false seer named Franca Miscio – aka Conchiglia – who has a worldwide following for her prophecies.

Archbishop Gänswein explained that “a certain Mr. Mimmo Rocco who presented himself as chief superintendent of the Italian Carabinieri, had asked some time ago, along with many others, to meet the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. He was granted a brief meeting after the rosary. There were two of them, him and one other person. They didn’t know each other. During the meeting, they presented Benedict XVI with a book, as shown in a series of photos published on the website. We had no knowledge of the content. The meeting only lasted a few minutes.”

Gänswein continued, ““When I got home, I looked at the book and so did Benedict XVI later on. We were surprised and shocked because we noticed straight away that the book contained some ‘private revelations’.”

Some of these revelations, which supposedly were told to Conchiglia by God Himself, “The Vatican is the centre of the global power that wants to create a single global religion uniting all false religions… it is the den of the seven deadly sins and other kinds of vileness.”

She also claims Benedict’s resignation resulted from the workings of international masonry and that he is the real and legitimate pope.  Francis, who she calls “a wicked man seated at the Throne of Peter” is an imposter and a representative of the anti-Christ.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is supposed to be deified, she insists, which explains why she adds Mary’s name to the Sign of the Cross, praying, “In the name of the “Father, Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Even more bizarre, she insists that “alien DNA” has mixed with “terrestrian” DNA and that these part-alien beings are now ruling the planet.

As bizarre as these prophecies might sound, Conchiglia has a global following and is now using images from the meeting in the Vatican Gardens to make it look as if Benedict approves of her writings.

Ganswein says the incident “was strange and incredible to say the least” and said the meeting would never have taken place if they knew the truth.

He also confirmed that Benedict asked that the book be sent immediately to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.”

In the meantime, the Insider reports that various figures have warned against Conchiglia’s “messages”, including the Bishop of Jesi (Italy), Gerardo Rocconi who met her in person and the Bishop of Senigallia (Italy), Giuseppe Orlandoni, who has repeatedly described the words of the false seer as “objectively heretical and against the doctrine of the Church.”

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