Patron Saints


“Very well, I will be saint. I will provideDina Belanger St Marie Sainte Cecile stigmata61 a patron for those who bear my name.”

                              -Blessed Dina Belanger


For Reflection:

At age eight, Dina Belanger stated the quote above in response to a teacher who told her the Church had no St. Dina. Am I willing to “provide a patron” for those who bear my name? What positive step can I take today to make that happen?



Life of Union with Mary
NEW! Fr. Emile Neubert, SM

PB 294 Pages
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Chapter Three   Page 12

Do Not Separate What God Has United

Union with Mary does not constitute an autonomous province in Christian spirituality.  The saints whom we cited in the preceding chapter as remarkable for their union with the Blessed Virgin are still more remarkable for their union with Jesus.


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