Widow Donates Diamond to Salvation Army

salvation army kettlesA grieving widow decided to do something special to honor her late husband’s spirit of giving by donating her engagement ring and wedding band do the Salvation Army.

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting on the story of an anonymous woman who left her rings, valued at $1,850, in one of the Salvation Army’s red kettles outside Boston’s North Station earlier this month.

The rings were accompanied by a note from the woman saying that her husband always had a giving spirit – especially at Christmas – and hoped the rings could be sold for enough money to buy toys for needy children.

“To honor his memory, I donate this ring. I’m hoping there’s someone out there who made lots of money this year and will buy the ring for 10 times its worth. After all, there’s no price on love or the sentimental value of this ring. But money will help the kids. May everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!” the note read.

Salvation Army staff reacted with surprise and amazement at the generous gift.

“We’re so moved and incredibly grateful to the generous individual who made such a loving and kind donation,” said Salvation Army Major David Davis to the AP. “This heartwarming gift boosts all of our staff, bell-ringers and volunteers.”

But their surprise turned to amazement when, just a few days later, another widow offered to donate $21,000 in exchange for the rings. The donor has no intention of keeping the rings, however. She plans to return them to the generous soul who donated them!

The Army’s red kettles are a familiar sight at Christmas time as volunteers collect millions of dollars every year to aid needy families, seniors and the homeless with Christmas dinners, clothing and toys.

As their website states: “The Salvation Army endeavors to bring spiritual light and love to those it serves at Christmas so that the real meaning of the season is not forgotten.”

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