Every Single Thing


“At the particular judgment the soul willJudgement-last be judged about every single thing – its thoughts, words, deeds, and omissions.”

                                              -Cardinal Gasparri



For Reflection:

How would my thoughts, words, deeds, and omissions stack up today? Would they show a love of God and neighbor? Why or why not? In light of all this, what interior dispositions need to be converted?



The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life
by Susan Conroy   Pb 336 pgs
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               Foreword   Page xvii
by Father Charles Arminjon

The two causes of this terrifying indifference and profound universal lethargy are, obviously, ignorance and the unrestrained love of sensual pleasures that, by darkening the interior eye of the human soul, bring all its aspirations down to the narrow level of the present life, and cut it off from the vision of the beauties and rewards to come.

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