It Takes Time


“For a stalk to grow or a flower to open there must be timePregnantImpatientlywaiting that cannot be forced; nine months must go by for the birth of a human child; to write a book or compose music often years must be dedicated to patient research. To find the mystery there must be patience, interior purification, silence, waiting.

                                        -Pope John Paul II 


For Reflection:

According to this quote, how does God use patience as an instrument to work His greatest wonders? How does this help me to appreciate the time between a prayer and its answer? A desire and its manifestation? A vision and its realization?    gracelinefeature

Section Five:     The Perils of Worldly Attachments

“In this world we must not become attached to anything – not even things the most innocent, for they fail us at the moment when we are least expecting it.  The eternal alone can satisfy us.”

                                                                          -St. Therese of Lisieux                

 Grace-Filled Moments 

Johnnette Benkovic
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