Is Demonic Possession More Common Than We Think?

devil with christAnyone who doubts the presence of Satan in the world (and there are billions of these people) needs to read this blog by Father Dwight Longenecker.

In it, he describes an encounter with a very likeable man who does not fit the description of the possessed person. He doesn’t have a dark personality or exhibit discomfort in the presence of holy objects or any of the other signs we associate with the possessed. In fact, it was only a brief glimpse of an expression on the man’s face that tipped Father off to what was really going on inside him.

I first read about these kinds of possessed people in the book Exorcism and the Church Militant by Father Thomas J. Euteneuer. He referred to them as the “freely chosen” possessed who have given themselves over to the devil. Quoting Malachi Martin, he explained that these people are “absolutely controlled by evil and give no outward indication or hint whatsoever of the demonic residing within. He or she will not cringe, as others who are possessed will, at the sight of such religious symbols as a crucifix or a Rosary. The perfectly possessed will not bridle at the touch of Holy Water or hesitate to discuss religious topics with equanimity.”

If that’s not terrifying, what is?

Those of us who remain unread on the subject of Satan and demonology do so at our own peril.

We should all take Fr. Euteneuer’s advice and pray for these people as well as ask God to protect us from them.

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