More Women Working for Less Pay

The War-on-Women-loving media loves to trumpet the fact that more women are working now than ever before, but what they’re not telling us is that a whopping 60 percent of this increase in female employment is for jobs paying less than  $10.10 per hour.

Bloomberg is reporting that unemployment data seems to be reflecting big gains for women in employment with the jobless rate for females falling to 6.3 percent, the lowest since December 2008, compared to 7.1 percent for men.

But there’s a big downside.

” . . . (T)he gains have been largely in lower-paying industries such as waitresses, in-home health care, food preparation and housekeeping,” Bloomberg reports. “About 60 percent of the increase in employment for women from 2009 to 2012 was in jobs that pay less than $10.10 an hour, compared with 20 percent for men, according to a study by the National Women’s Law Center using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called Bloomberg’s factual reporting a “random act of journalism”, commending them for “going behind the misleading jobs numbers to point this out.”

So much for the so-called “feminist administration”, Limbaugh said on his September 19 show, and called out all those who are waging the phony War on Women who are supposed to be “protecting women from predatory males . . .” and guaranteeing abortion for “whoever wants it.” This is the same administration “that’s gonna make sure that women get all the birth control pills they want paid for by other people, including the Catholic Church.”

When it comes to women’s issues in this country, we just can’t seem to get beyond the disingenuous slogans, half-truths, and carefully concealed facts. Everyone seems to be colluding against the woman, doing everything in their power to paint a picture so rosy she won’t dare look behind it to see that almost nothing is as it appears.

For instance, those who say they “respect our right to choose” do so by handing us a pack of pills that cause cancer and blood clots.  And if those pills fail, they offer us “safe legal abortions” in clinics that haven’t been inspected in decades. They offer to protect our rights, only to accomplish this by trampling the rights of others – including those of our churches and unborn children. The same lawmakers who offer us equal pay laws are actually paying the women on their staff less than the men.

It’s a shame that no one seems willing – or capable, for whatever reason – to offer women what they really want – the truth.

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