Examining the Dark Side of the Skyrim Video Game

We recently had a caller on our radio program ask us to do some research on the video game known as Skyrim.

Just like most popular gaming videos of the day, Skyrim is a role-playing game where players cavort around a fantasy land filled with what is becoming the usual demonic spell-crafting and gratuitous violence. However, as this reviewer revealed, there are also concerns about the homosexual innuendo in this game. Another reviewer concurs and also notes that the spells used come directly from The Book of Wiccan.

Focus on the Family’s video review site, Plugged In, features a well-written review of this video game in which the scope and depth of its imagery and storyline are praised, but its “dark bits” are not.

“The land’s various (worshipped) gods, chanted spells, zombie-like undead, ghostly children and other dark creatures of the night weave together in a twisted spiritual tapestry that hangs behind just about everything,” the reviewer writes.

“You can join a drinking game and end up slur-speeched and blackout drunk. You can morph into a werewolf or vampire to sneak up on sleeping innocents and drain their blood. Up-close, front-row seats for beheadings or assassinations are an easy find. And in one memorable quest you can kill and cannibalize another human to gain a reward of power for your grisly actions. Those are just a scant few of the concerns.”

My advice to parents whose children may want this popular Playstation/Xbox game for Christmas – just say no.

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