Why Doesn’t Planned Parenthood Provide Mammograms?

Did you ever wonder why a “women’s health” clinic conglomerate the size of Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer mammograms? The answer may lie in the bottom line.

According to Keith Riler, a pro-life financial analyst, the simplest explanation can be found in what is known as the “contribution margin” – the marginal profit per unit of sale and thus the amount each procedure contributes to the coverage of fixed costs (such as executive compensation) and to profits.

“The problem for Planned Parenthood—which thinks and acts much more like a business than most people realize—is that mammograms are much less profitable than the relatively lucrative procedure of abortion,” Riler explains in an article appearing in First Things.

Riler quotes radiologist Dr. James Youker who points out that the  actual cost to perform a typical screening mammogram is $93.98, with the reimbursement rate of approximately $80, which makes the procedure non-profitable.

Compare this to the high profitability of abortion. With the retail price of an abortion being anywhere from $500 to $900, and expenses held low by using low-cost vacuums and garbage bags, and reusing forceps and scissors, Planned Parenthood makes between $400 and $600 per abortion.

Riley summarizes: “Abortion is 125 to 165 times more profitable than mammography. Given a choice between 330,000 mammograms or 330,000 abortions, cancer screening will lose every time. Life, love, families, faith, concern for our most vulnerable, presidential credibility: Abortion’s altar demands many sacrifices. There is no reason to believe mammograms are exempt. Mammograms were invented over forty years ago and Planned Parenthood still doesn’t offer them because, in comparison, abortion is a gold mine. ”

Holding on to their lucrative bottom line is how Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards can earn $400,000 a year and other executives can pull in $200,000 to $300,000 annually.

“For forty years and counting, these executives have shown no inclination to offer mammograms,” Riler states. “The simple reason is that economics have prevailed.”

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