War on Women Reaches New Low

A Democratic Senate candidate in North Carolina took the war on women to a new low after appearing in a recent political ad where she waves a transvaginal ultrasound wand to make her point that Republicans are insensitive to women.

Butler and Goolsby at recent debate – Photo by Jeff Janowski, Star News Online

CNSNews.com is reporting that the tasteless ad was made by Deb Butler, the Democratic candidate for the North Carolina Senate who says the time has come to have a “candid conversation about her Republican opponent’s alleged insensitivity to women.

“I’m Deb Butler and I think we need to have a candid conversation about what Thom Goolsby’s policies actually mean to North Carolina women,” the Democrat says in the ad.

“He wouldn’t dare show you this,” she says, while waving the wand at the audience. “But this is Goolsby’s contribution to women’s health, a medically unnecessary, invasive procedure that is now required by state law. He promised us that his first priority would be jobs, but instead he’s following you into the doctor’s office.”

Butler is referring to the Woman’s Right to Know Act of 2011 that requires a woman seeking an abortion to see a “real time view” of her unborn child, something the wand could be used for. The law also requires doctors to tell women the probable gestational age of their unborn child at the time the abortion is planned, as well as the medical risks of both having an abortion and carrying the child to term.

A pro-life legislature passed the law in 2011 after overriding a veto by pro-abortion Democratic governor Beverly Purdue.

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3 Response to “War on Women Reaches New Low

  1. Life is essential to our survival, do people not realise that this is satans way of ending humananity? satan is jelouse of human existance, especially pro-creation, and children, satan hates children and will do and say anything, including corrupt even good people. We need to PRAY, pray for all souls especially those in purification, it is our responsibility to bring those souls to God so they may join in the battle over evil and our army here on earth will be strengthend=) God Bless

  2. Why are the Democrats so against informed consent, especially after hearing the overwhelming majority (70%-82%, depending on the study) say they regret their abortions? The New Democratic Party (not to be confused with the old Democratic Party that Catholics a few generations ago belonged to) is the most anti-woman political party in many generations.

  3. it seems that women are at war with each other now and all is not well…….. an entire generation has been scandalized by an agenda of “womens rights”…..so sad for our world and all our children….pray and fast and hope the mercy of God will cover us …