Warlock Plans to Lure Pilgrims into the Occult During Pope’s UK Visit

Pope Benedict XVI will need all the prayers he can get during his trip to the UK this September. In addition to Muslim extremists who are already threatening to infiltrate his open-air Mass in Birmingham on Sept. 19, a local “warlock” is also planning to open occult centers during the visit to lure pilgrims into the clutches of the dark arts.

According to the British newspaper, The Mercury, a warloack named Magnus Lynius Shadee is planning to open several occult centers in Birmingham and Coventry during the Pope’s visit.

Magnus also plans to visit Cardinal Newman’s grave just prior to the Pope’s arrive to “perform prayers” at the gravesite.

Shadee, 65, said: “I’ve always intended to open an occult centre in the cities and the Pope’s visit simply brought forward the date. The Vatican will probably be none too happy with the idea though.”

Pope Benedict XVI will visit the city of Birmingham on the last day of his historic trip to the UK.

Shadee is hoping to capitalize on the thousands of pilgrims who are expected to flock to the city during the visit.

“I believe there’s a large demand for all aspects of the occult, witchcraft, black and white magic, practical ritual working and instruction with the paranormal,” he said. “‘I hope the opening of the centers will change the direction of many people who are lost in religion and give them a purpose of life after death.”

Peter Jennings, a spokesman for the local Catholic Church, is reassuring the public that Shadee won’t get anywhere near Cardinal Newman’s grave to perform his “prayers.”

“Cardinal Newman’s grave is not open to the public so he will not get near the site,” Jennings said. “The Church has nothing more to say about this man and his activities.”


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