Catholic-Bashing SitCom Invents Trashy New Commandments

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

ABC’s controversial non-reality sitcom, GCB, which is based on the antics of so-called Christian women, is gradually introducing a new and twisted version of the 10 Commandments.

Lauren Thompson, writing for Newsbusters, is reporting that the new show doesn’t “hold a shred of respect for believing Christians” and is now presenting 10 new Commandments on its website that celebrate the very thing the Bible opposes – sin. 

“From adultery to coveting, ABC set up its own rules directly to mock the Bible,” Thompson writes. “The list, filled with images that included a thong, a bra, and a diamond ring, was designed to add to the lefty media’s crusade against faith.”

The show’s new commandments include:

•  Thou shalt love a ‘C’ cup unless you fit into a ‘D’ cup
•  Thous shalt know its wrong to expose your thong
•  Remember the spa day and keep it holy
•  Thou shalt not bear false designer labels
•  Thou shalt not wear it if it’s under a carat

“No good Christian-bashing would be complete without tolerance for homosexuals shoved down the audiences’ throat,” Thompson writes, “and their second ‘commandment’ shows a half-naked, gay male character, with the words ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s husband…unless he’s really hot’.”

The last commandment, “Don’t Mess with Texas” only serves to ridicule the south further, Thompson says, since the entire show makes a mockery of Texans and their lifestyles.

“Such a selfish and conceited painting of biblical holy words is clearly meant to scorn Christian beliefs, despite liberals’ wild defense of the show,” Thompson writes.

She adds: “So ABC, when are you releasing that salacious version of the Koran?”

Don’t hold your breath.

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3 Response to “Catholic-Bashing SitCom Invents Trashy New Commandments

  1. Also the sitcom on CBS Mike and Molly attacked the Catholic Church and Christianity while the couple was trying to find a place to get married. I loved that show until that episode, my jaw literally dropped.

    You can go to CBS and leave a comment, I did.

  2. I only saw one episode of this show but I have a slightly different take on it–I think it’s actually making fun of *hypocrisy*! I thought it was a clever comedy and really funny, if a little silly and over the top. As Christians we could really take advantage of this kind of thing; it shows that people are sensitive to hypocrisy and that deep down people respect us if we stand up for our beliefs. I think the Catholic Church was much more respected back before people were ashamed of being seen as religious. Just my 2 cents. I don’t think we should get so worked up about GCB–it’s not making fun of honest religion but false religion.

  3. oops–I meant to say “when people *weren’t* ashamed of being seen as religious.”