High-Schoolers Walk Out on Gay Play

In an effort to raise “awareness,” a high school in Hartford, Connecticut made the mistake of sponsoring a gay-themed play that featured two men kissing, an event that caused students to walk out and brought “a lot” of angry calls from parents.

LifeSiteNews.com is reporting that the incident took place last Friday afternoon at the Hartford Public High School which staged a play entitled, Zanna, Don’t! which depicted a world where homosexuality was normal and heterosexuality was not. School officials, who did not inform parents about the play, did warn the students that the play would contain scenes of same-sex affection, but when two male players actually kissed on the stage, it caused an immediate outcry.

According to the Hartford Courant, “screams and loud voices” and sounds of disgust came from the audience. Dozens of mostly male students got up and left the auditorium and officials had to prevent many from leaving the school building.

In spite of the mostly negative reaction to the play, school officials are unapologetic about it. David Chambers, principal of the school’s nursing academy, said the play was meant to teach students empathy towards homosexuals. He told the Courant that he felt the reaction of disgust was good because it indicated a release of students’ inner conflict about homosexuality.

“Even though it’s kind of chaotic, kind of wild and crazy, I see it as very successful,” Chambers said. “Our kids never deal with this, they keep it inside, and that’s that nervous energy. That’s why they walked out.”

Another official, Adam Johnson, principal of Hartford High’s Law and Government Academy, agreed. “This is as important of a topic to discuss as anything in math, anything in social studies,” he told the Courant. “I’m completely glad that we did it.”

Many parents were not so pleased. The Courant reports that the principal’s office received “a lot” of phone calls from angry parents, with one storming into the school’s main office with Bible in hand.

The play was the result of a joint effort between a Connecticut gay youth group known as True Colors and a local leadership program, and was partially funded by the city of Hartford.

Same-sex marriage was imposed upon the state of Connecticut in 2008 and the public was never given the opportunity to vote on the matter.

The Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC) condemned the play and is calling for a protest of the school’s decision, calling it “an outrageous attack on parental rights.”

The FIC notes that a bill introduced earlier this year by Republican Sen. Kevin Witkos, which would have mandated that parents be allowed to opt out their children from sexuality instruction in schools, was never given a public hearing.

“We will fight for it again next year and every year until it is passed,” said the group.

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Photo of cast members of Zanna, Don’t! was taken by Michael McAndrews of the Hartford Courant.

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