A Foretaste of Heaven

October 19
“If [the pray-er of the Rosary] should listen daily to this secret teaching in the depth of his heart, this prayer would kindle in him the desire of heaven, of the glory of God, and the salvation of souls; it would give him a love of the cross and strength to carry it, and from time to time a foretaste of heaven, a certain savor of eternal life.”
-Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

2019 March for Life Theme Announced

by Jeanne Mancini

Each year the March for Life board and staff choose a theme that will best contribute to building a culture of life; and as they do so, they take into account cultural norms and current events to help make their message resonate with Americans. This year, March for Life leadership wanted to draw attention to the fact that science and technology continue to reveal the humanity and life of an unborn person even in its very earliest stages. That’s why the 2019 March for Life theme is “Unique From Day One: Pro-life Is Pro-Science.”

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Planned Parenthood to Profit from Kavanaugh Hexing

Planned Parenthood will be one of the recipients of the money raised during a “Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh,” which is being organized for tomorrow evening, October 20. The event is being met by a flood of prayers from Christians as well as Masses by San Jose exorcist, Father Gary Thomas.

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Fire Chief Fired for Faith Awarded $1.2 Million

In a huge victory for religious freedom, former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, who was fired for writing a men’s devotional book containing biblical views of marriage, received $1.2 million from the city after a court found that it had violated his constitutional rights.

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(Some) Women Want to Ban Term “Pregnant Woman”

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

A feminist organization based in Melbourne, Australia is coming under fire for insisting that because “all genders can fall pregnant” nowadays, the term “pregnant woman” should be stricken from the world’s vocabulary.

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Mary as Mediatrix

October 18
“The proficient who would thus live a little better each day by the spirit of the Rosary, would reach the contemplation of the mystery of Christ, a certain penetrating understanding of the life of the mystical body, or of the Church militant, suffering, and triumphant. Under the continual direction of Jesus and of Mary Mediatrix, he would enter increasingly  into the mystery of the communion of saints.”
 -Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

What’s Wrong with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

PG writes:  “I resigned from my job last year as a mental health LMSW, working in an out patient clinic.  We were being trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which in fact, is based on Eastern Mysticism/Buddhism. We were told that we had to take the training and had to use this new mind control therapy on our clients. I knew it was wrong and I could no longer work for this agency. Have you heard of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? It appears to be growing -unfortunately.”

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Mothers Bombard French President With #PostcardsforMacron

French President Emmanuel Macron stepped into a virtual hornet’s nest when he made a statement insinuating that more education prevents women from having too many babies. As a result, educated women from all over the world are proving him wrong.

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