Lenten Journey with the Saints: Day 10

March 15

“Fasting is a medicine.”

-St. John Chrysostom: Homilies (4th century)


Today’s Reflection

Sin injures us in many ways, especially in our ability to love like Jesus. When we deny ourselves a pleasure out of repentance for sin, this action becomes like a healing balm upon our wounded heart and enables us to become a more loving person.

Lenten Journey with the Saints: Day 9

March 14

“We do not become perfect by the multiplication of exercises, penances,
and austerities, but rather by the purity of love with which we do them.”

-St. Francis de Sales: Spiritual Conferences 13 (17th Century)


Today’s Reflection

When you give up something for Lent, why are you doing it? Out of habit, because it’s what is expected of you, or out of love for the God?

Lenten Journey with the Saints: Day 8

March 13

“The power of choosing good and evil is within the reach of all.”

-Origen: De Principiis, 2. (3rd century)


Today’s Reflection

“Choice” is a buzzword that is often used to mask sin and make evil appear to be anything but what it is – evil. Lent is the time to tear away the masks, examine the choices we made in life, and repent of those that were wrong. 

Lenten Journey with the Saints: Day 7

March 12
“One cannot desire freedom from the cross when one is especially
chosen for the cross.”
-St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Today’s Reflection
If we are Christians, then we are chosen for the cross. What crosses are you running away from? Why? Bring this to prayer and ask Jesus to give you the courage to take up your cross and follow Him.


Lenten Journey with the Saints: Day 6

March 11

“Nothing ever happens in the world that does not happen first inside human hearts.”

-Venerable Fulton J. Sheen


Today’s Reflection

All of the ills of our time – from wars and terrorism to abortion and immoral lifestyles – begin in the same way – by allowing evil into the heart. Pray for the conversion of hearts today!


Lenten Journey with the Saints: Day 4

March 9
“To do penance is to bewail the evil we have done, and to do no evil to bewail.”
-Pope St. Gregory I: Homilies on the Gospels (6th century)
Today’s Reflection
It’s tough to admit that we’ve sinned, but admission and confession is the only path to healing and new hope. Take time to ponder the areas of your life in which you have sinned, or fallen short. Make the sacrament of reconciliation a priority during the Lenten season.


Lenten Journey with the Saints: Day 3

March 8
“Apart from the cross, there is no other ladder by which we
may get to heaven.”
-St. Rose of Lima
Today’s Reflection
Accepting the crosses in our lives isn’t easy, but when done so for love of Our Lord, they become remarkably easier to carry. What crosses are you trying to carry alone? Give them to Jesus and let Him lighten the load!

Lenten Journey with the Saints: Day 2

March 7
“There are ways of being crucified that do not involve rough wood or heavy nails, but a love beyond our capacity to love, which means a love that has been given to us by God…”
-Servant of God Catherine Doherty
Today’s Reflection
Only with God’s grace can we truly understand that real love knows how to suffer for the beloved, and it does so joyfully. Where might you suffer more cheerfully for others?


Lenten Journey with the Saints: Day 1

March 6

“Ash Wednesday is considered the ‘door’ to Lent.”
-Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


Today’s Reflection

Today is the beginning of a 40-day campaign dedicated to ridding ourselves of vice and filling ourselves with virtue. Bring your plans for this Lenten season to the feet of the Crucified and ask for His blessing as you begin this sacred journey.


Talk with God

March 4

“We need to be thoroughly convinced of the fact that all God asks of us, in
this conversation, is good will. A soul pestered by distractions, who patiently
comes back each day, like a good child, to talk with God, is making first-rate
mental prayer. God supplies all our deficiencies.”

Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard, OCSO
Soul of the Apostolate


Today’s Reflection

Are you a “soul pestered by distractions?” Make a resolution this Lent to set aside a specific time for prayer every day and be faithful to this time no matter what. Let God supply for all your deficiencies and persist.

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