About Theresa Cavicchio

Theresa Cavicchio is a wife, mother, and freelance writer from Pennsylvania.

Stationed at the Cross: With Our Lady on Calvary

                    Painting by Evgraf Semenovich Sorokin (Wikicommons)

Standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala (Jn 19:25)

On this Good Friday, I choose to be there, I want to be there, standing with Our Lady. I know she can rely on the other women and Saint John, but perhaps another loving presence will be a source of added comfort for her.

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Reflected in the Eyes of Jesus: Moments of Our Salvation Narrative

Meditating on Sacred Scripture has long been recognized as a worthwhile spiritual practice, particularly so during the season of Lent. In this reflection, we’ll focus on four familiar Scriptural scenes from Jesus’ final hours on earth. These vignettes offer an opportunity to reflect and meditate on an exchange of looks between Jesus and one other significant player in the narrative of our salvation.

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Steadfast in Tragedy: Our Lady, Mother of the Sorrowful Mysteries

The Sorrowful Mysteries, traditionally prayed on Tuesday and Friday year-round, are a familiar element of Our Lady’s rosary. During the solemn season of Lent, however, the Sorrowful Mysteries in particular take on a deeper, more spiritually challenging significance – making them an even more valuable tool for our Lenten prayer and contemplation.

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Joseph of Nazareth: The Strong, Silent, Just Man

Joseph of Nazareth has been a trusted confidant, beloved father figure, and favorite saint to me over a span of many years. Researching his life, I am reassured; I have chosen my mentor well. The same sterling characteristics – faithful, compassionate, humble, hard-working, obedient, strong, protective – reveal themselves over and over again in his story. Those, and countless other positive adjectives, make up the portrait of a righteous man whose life was centered on God and family.

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The “Beautiful Lady” in the Grotto

Everything about the young girl named Bernadette Soubirous spoke of humility. If anyone had told her struggling parents how widely her name would become known, they never would have believed it. Yet it was this simple, virtually uneducated girl who had been chosen to receive the highest of privileges.

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Keeping the Star of Faith Aglow – All Year Long

Each year around this time, reality hits with a dull thud. Decorations have been taken down and stored away. Living rooms have that bare, denuded look that only the departure of a festive tree can create. Those much-anticipated gifts – the ones that haven’t been returned, that is – have already lost their luster.

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Francis of Assisi: The Christmas Crèche Comes to Life

St. Francis adoring the Christ Child (Fabrizio Santafede 1560-1623)

A well-researched biography of Saint Francis of Assisi must of necessity resound with the same two overriding themes: his deep, intense love for and devotion to his Savior, Jesus Christ; and his commitment to a radical living out of his Master’s example of poverty.

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