Secularism and Gynecology: A Disturbing Alliance

The following blog was submitted Nancy B. Mann, Ph.D., a fan of Women of Grace radio who listens to our show every day. She recently had a very disconcerting experience at her gynecologist’s office that revealed the secularism that dominates women’s reproductive health care in the U.S. and generously shares that experience with us here.

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A Deacon/Doctor Confronts Humanae Vitae (Part Three)

After accepting and even celebrating Humanae Vitae and its teachings about love and marriage, in this third part of the series, Deacon Pat discusses options for couples and explains the harm that can be done to both families and society when God’s plan for the creation of life is disobeyed.

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A Deacon/Doctor Confronts Humanae Vitae (Part Two)

Deacon Patrick Mongan and his wife, Ellen

In this second part of the journey of Deacon Patrick Mongan and his wife, Ellen’s, embrace of Humanae Vitae, we read about the tragic death of their eighth child and how the lessons of life convinced them of the truths of Humanae Vitae.

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A Deacon/Doctor Confronts Humanae Vitae (Part One)

Deacon Patrick Mongan, MD and wife Ellen

By Deacon Patrick Mongan, MD, MAPS

In this poignant three-part series, Deacon Patrick Mongan, MD, MAPS, husband of Catholic author Ellen Mongan, he documents the couple’s journey through doubt, skepticism, a tragic loss, depression, and ultimately to acceptance and admiration of one of the most controversial documents of modern times – Humanae Vitae.

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She Found Jesus in a New Age Temple

By Patti Armstrong

Sitting lotus style, inhaling the cool lake air and listening to the serene sounds of a flowing waterfall, Jess Echeverry sought to calm her spirit. She was on a journey to healing at the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple in Pacific Palisades, California. By 2006, Jess had experienced a certain amount of healing, but there was still a hole that hungered to be filled.

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