Television Episode

WGS11077 - The Transforming Power of God’s Grace and Mercy


(Program WGS11077 

Guest: Fr. Wade Menezes

Our guest is Father Wade Menezes and we’ll be discussing a topic that is taboo in our culture today, regrettably, even within many of our Catholic parishes. We’re going to pull back the curtain on sin – its reality and its nature, its crippling effects and its consequences. But, we’re also going to reveal its antidote and the tremendous beauty of God’s healing grace and mercy. In the midst of it all, we’ll discover key ways to overcome our issues, our dependencies, and our addictions. Plus, we’ll learn how to defeat fear, doubt, worry, and other spiritual maladies. In the end, we will be equipped to live the abundant life in Jesus Christ. It’s going to be a full show, so let’s get started. 

February 5, 2021 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm US/Eastern