Television Episode

WGR10858 - Secrets of the Shroud Revisited, Part 4


(Program 10858)
Guests: Dr. J. Wayne Phillips

The secrets of some mysteries often seem to remain hidden until such time as their message has special relevance for a particular moment in time. Such may well be the case with the secrets of the Shroud of Turin.

Modern science and technology have unlocked many of the ancient cloth’s secrets leading a growing number of scientists to believe it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. What fresh evidence is there? And why this might be the appropriate moment in history for it to be discovered?

Here to tell us about the brand-new findings, as well as to do a bit of speculating, is our guest today. Let’s welcome Dr. Phillips. He holds an advanced degree in Shroud Studies from the Vatican and is a member of the distinguished Shroud Science Group.

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