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Photo of Johnnette at the microphone while on air in the EWTN studio
Host: Johnnette Benkovic
Guest: Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

Grant calls in to talk about the New Evangelization. He questions if it should be the shepherds leading the sheep rather than the sheep leading the sheep, in case sheep may not be qualified for the job of evangelization.

Johnnette Benkovic invites Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers to talk about the New Evangelization. Deacon Harold is a no non-sense powerful evangelist and preacher and he has a profound answer for Grant’s insightful question. Johnnette adds on with a prophetic outlook based on the power of the Holy Spirit. What might that be? You have to listen.

Terri calls in with a reflection on the value of blood martyrs. She is a retired member of the military service for 22 years and shares her eye witness accounts of religious oppression. What distinctions should we make regarding the word “martyr?” Deacon Harold clarifies it and is grateful for the sacrifice service men and women have made for the United States. Oh, and get this… Julie calls in with a question about what happens at a church in her locality. The priest sees a woman come up to receive Holy Communion, led by a dog and the priest gives the dog a treat. Is Julie making a big deal out of nothing. Listen here to EWTN Radio’s Women of Grace.

September 15, 2014 11:00 am – 11:55 am US/Eastern