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WGL220603 - Are You Feeling Abandoned by a Loved One?

Photo of Johnnette at the microphone while on air in the EWTN studio

Have you ever given love but it was not given back to you by a family member, a spouse, or a child? Host Johnnette Williams touches on this matter. Caller Nancy felt this way as her husband left her with 4 young children when she had health issues. She lost her leg but the worst feeling is having 2 children who have abandoned her and do not talk with her. Johnnette shares that the commandment of "Honoring your Father and Mother " does not have an expiration date. Caller Molly had same-sex feelings at a young age and left the Church. She is now in a Unity church that wants her to forget her Catholic roots. Johnnette lovingly explains the truth.!"

June 3, 2022 11:00 am – 11:55 am US/Eastern