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Photo of Johnnette at the microphone while on air in the EWTN studio
Host: Johnnette Benkovic

Have you heard of the Eucharistic Miracle approved in Poland? Hostess Johnnette Benkovic invites journalist Sue Brinkmann to talk about the scientific findings and what God might be telling us through this miracle. That comes up in the second half of the show.

First, listener Lilly knows some cosmetics are made with the remains of aborted fetuses. How can you avoid buying those? Johnnette has the beauty tips for a clean face and a clean conscience. Johnnette says a beautiful prayer from the bottom of her heart for Maria who is 70 and not feeling like living life any more. Nancy calls in to ask for prayers because of her back problems and chronic pain. Sue and Johnnette offer suggestions. Catherine is also 70 and shut in. She understands and prays for Maria. This show will appeal to your mind, heart and soul. Tune in to EWTN Radio’s “Women of Grace.”

April 26, 2016 11:00 am – 11:55 am US/Eastern