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Photo of Johnnette at the microphone while on air in the EWTN studio
Host: Johnnette Benkovic

Giving thanks to God seems very natural when everything is going well. But would you be thankful even if a loved one dies and another loved one is diagnosed with a life-long illness? Hostess Johnnette Benkovic brings in guest Diane Bates, member of the Central Service Team at “Magnificat: A Ministry to Catholic Women,” mother of three boys and a PhD in Physical Chemistry.

They talk about God in the midst of a great tragedy working out a greater good at the time of the death of her brother. Was her brother really gone from her? What God had prepared for her will knock your socks off. And that was not all. Diane and her husband Deacon Tom Bates had yet another challenge coming, not long after her brother’s death. And this was a sword that pierced her heart: they noticed little Jonathan—their precious baby boy—was not developing normally. They took him to the doctor he was diagnosed with autism. Diane and Tom went through shock, denial, suffering and all sorts of emotions and thoughts—including feeling abandoned by God. What did this innocent, little child do to deserve this life-long sentence?

It was at that time that Diane heard audible words from God… and in the least likely of all places. This was a defining moment, and she even had a stranger confirm those words. When you hear this, you will have goose bumps. Diane will tell us how much she and Tom learned from young Jonathan without a spoken word. You will not believe how things turned around for Jonathan—now a grown-up… a true miracle that you must hear directly from Diane and Johnnette. You will treasure this show and you will want to share it with your loved ones. It’s right here, EWTN Radio’s “Women of Grace.”
November 24, 2015 11:00 am – 11:55 am US/Eastern