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Facilitator Network Conference Call - September2018

September 20, 2018 Notes

8:00 Opening prayer: Mary

Mary Dillenback opened the meeting at 8:05 pm with, “Jesus, Living in Mary” and welcomed new facilitators Theresa from Bernardsville, NJ and Minerva from Piscataway, MD.

8:10 Current events: Sue Brinkmann

Sue Brinkmann gave another stellar presentation, complete with a spiritual warfare kit for engaging in supernatural battle. She began with our main weapons: the Sacraments, prayer, especially the Rosary, and Scripture reading. Sue recommended Fr. Emil Neubert’s book, Mary, Queen of Militants. She gave concrete strategies for dealing with obstacles to facilitating the foundational study:
Depend on God.
Associate with like-minded people.
Be careful not to try to evangelize everyone until you are steeped in the faith.
Learn when to speak and what to say.
Do not argue.
Learn to speak from your heart to theirs.
Speak with humility and gentleness.
Use humor whenever possible.
Be wise as serpents, innocent as doves.
Inappropriate anger may come a person’s bond to sin.
Be patient with yourself and others-all in God’s time.

8:45 Testimony-Lori Meyer gave a joyful testimony re: an answer to prayer.
Let us keep Lori in our prayers as she prepares for her wedding day, that she and her future husband receive all the abundant blessings of the Sacrament of Matrimony.
They will be married on October 13, the 101st anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima.

8:50-9:00 Nancy: Prayer requests include:

For perseverance, using Our Lady of Sorrows as our model.
For Women of Grace and Young Women of Grace past, present and future.
For those who are attending Mornings of Grace or starting the study this Fall.
For success of the Oct-12-13 Women of Grace Family event in Ogdensburg NY.

For our family and friends who are in need of the healing touch of Jesus, including:
RC Sue Jacobsen’s husband Tim and Facilitator Sue Garza’s husband Ed.
RC Chris Arnold’s Mother and
RC Martha Nicolli’s Mother
Ali, Facilitator Lori Citsay’s daughter
Mary Dillenback’s friend Cookie, Facilitator Monica Olley, Gary Williamson, husband of a Women of Grace.

For all other prayer intentions as requested by the facilitators.
We pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer.

For the repose of the soul of Johnette’s Father, Willis Simon. His funeral is next Monday, September 24th.
We pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer.

For unity in our country.
For the holy souls in purgatory
We pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer.

9:00 Closing Prayer: September is the month of Our Lady of Sorrows and her feast day was September 15th.

Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows Our mother of sorrows, with strength from above you stood by the cross, sharing in the sufferings of Jesus, and with tender care you bore him in your arms, mourning and weeping. We praise you for your faith, which accepted the life God planned for you. We praise you for your hope, which trusted that God would do great things in you. We praise you for your love in bearing with Jesus the sorrows of his passion. Holy Mary, may we follow your example, and stand by all your children who need comfort and love. Mother of God, stand by us in our trials and care for us in our many needs. Pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen Amen!
Next Conference call: Thursday, October 18 at 8 pm ET.

9:06 Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Elhajj