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Our Lady in God's Plan for the Kingdom

In this Presentation, Thomas K Sullivan focuses on understanding the "Big Picture" of why the Church teaches the Christian life on earth is a warfare and why Jesus said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God...". He shows where and how this battle began in the heavens and spilled over onto the earth. How Adam and Eve got caught up in this battle and all human history became Prisoners of war. From there Tom unpacks God's rescue mission and how He has given to each one of us the weapons of war in the Church and the Sacraments to engage and win this battle on a daily basis.

As a Catholic, you can not understand the elements of our faith, without understanding the big picture in which we live our faith out. The Sacraments, Prayer, Commandments, the Mass, our relationship with Jesus, Mary, the Pope, the Bishops, the Saints and so on. Without this big picture, the teachings of the Church become an ocean of unrelated data with no cognitive meaning.

Sullivan relates it to a jigsaw puzzle. When putting a jigsaw puzzle together, what is the first thing you need to assemble? You need the corners and the frame. Once you have this, putting all the pieces together, filling in the center, makes the entire puzzle come together and form a beautiful picture or mosaic.

This "Big Picture" Thomas K Sullivan presents is like that, it gives you the corners and the frame of the Christian life. Everything else the Church teaches fits inside this framework. It gives it continuity, understanding and a context for it all.