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WEBINAR - On the Eve of God's Judgement

Fr. Joseph Esper

A Special Interview with Father Joseph Esper
Author of "On The Brink: America and the Coming Divine Judgment" and "Spiritual Dangers of the 21st Century"

The Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage
The Unveiling of the Demon Statue in Detroit
The Selling of Body Parts of Babies by Planned Parenthood 
What do they mean for America?
In this special interview, Johnnette Benkovic will talk with best-selling author and guest, Father Joseph Esper about current events in light of a possible powerful manifestation of God's judgment on the United States - and the world. 

Using both Sacred Scripture and private revelation, he will outline what such a judgment might look like, what signs will precede it, and what we as Catholics can expect. 

This real time, live, hard-hitting interview will provide insight, inspiration, direction, and guidance. A special segment of the interview gives you the chance to ask Father Esper your questions. A unique opportunity to hear and interact with one of the leading authorities on Catholic prophecy and our times.