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WEBINAR - Knighted by Christ. Ignited by the Holy Spirit

Knighted by Christ: Ignited by the Holy Spirit- Webinar Presented by Thomas K. Sullivan- Thursday, June 26th, 8 PM to 9 PM EST

How do we harness the power of God's grace?
What sacrament empowers us "to spread and defend the faith by word and action as true witnesses?"
Why is it every Christian’s call to be nothing less than a soldier of Christ?
How do we unlock the power of God’s grace in a practical, life-transforming way?

In this webinar Tom Sullivan will prepare us like army recruits to fight and win the battles of everyday life, and to engage in the spiritual warfare that makes us saints. He will teach us how to unleash the power of the sacraments, particularly confirmation, for a spiritual awakening in our world. Mothers, fathers, godparents, priests and catechists will want to participate in this practical and inspiring webinar training which comes from the heart and history of the Church, Scripture and the early Church Fathers.

Thomas K. Sullivan began a career serving in the United States Military (US Navy and Coast Guard) at the young age of 17. During his 12 years of service, Tom spent 5 of those years as a Company Commander in the US Navy, training young men and women in the ways of military life, and was awarded the designation as a "Master Training Specialist". Little did he know God was grooming him for a training field much bigger than he could imagine.

At the age of 30, Tom returned to the Catholic Faith and found his true mission in life. He has spent the past 24 years in Catholic evangelization, education and apologetics. Since 2001, Tom has worked for Living His Life Abundantly International/Women of Grace where he currently serves as the Director of Operations, Director of Information Technology and Network Administrator and Senior radio engineer. Tom is also the producer of the Television program "Women of Grace" on the EWTN television network.

In addition, Tom has extensive experience teaching parish adult education classes and youth confirmation preparation. He speaks at conferences, nationally and internationally, men's groups and to both adults and teens on the many topics concerning the Catholic Faith. Tom is the author of the book "Called to Knighthood: The Sacrament of Confirmation in the Kingdom Family of God" published by Simon Peter Press. He has been a radio guest on The Abundant Life, Women of Grace LIVE, Faith and Family Radio programs, as well as Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd on Serius Satellite radio. He has also been a television guest on EWTN's Life on the Rock, Bookmark with Doug Keck, The Abundant Life, and over a dozen Women of Grace television programs.

Tom is a devoted husband to his wife Carol and father of six children and proud Grandfather of his 11 grandchildren.