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Webinar - Our Lady of Fatima and the Spiritual Battle Today

Our Lady of Fatima and the Spiritual Battle Today!
"The Entire Christian Culture is at Stake"

Presented by Fr. Andrew Apostoli

Fr. Andrew Apostoli, a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal and author of "Fatima for Today" will be discussing the relationship between Our Lady of Fatima and the Spiritual Battle Today!

According to Fr. Apostoli, "her words are being fulfilled by the rise of aggressive secularism and loss of religious freedom in the West. The Blessed Mother said, "Evil will begin in Russia and will spread its errors throughout the world.". Those errors-an atheistic form of government life, and society-have come upon us now, in the form of secularism, and the attack on life, the family and religious freedom."

"This message is not over," Fr. Apostoli stated. "Our Lady said that the Rosary can stop wars, and can bring world peace. We have to do what she said, and live good lives."

"There's no other plan from Heaven that's so specific, for what we're going through now. She spelled it out. Prayer, penance, the 'First Five Saturdays' devotion – and live a good, holy life. That's the answer."

* How is the message of Our Lady of Fatima relevant today?
* Learn how to prepare for the spiritual battle now
* Build a specific action plan by Our Lady for your family
* Why are we facing the greatest spiritual struggle in 2,000 years?