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Advent: Dawn of the Messiah, Part 6 of 6 Audio Presentation by Dr. Edward Sri

For many of us, the Christmas story is almost too familiar. We know the story so well that we cease to be amazed at its great reality – God becomes man an is born of a virgin. Today’s reader, unfamiliar with the ancient Jewish world, misses the significance of many details in the Gospel accounts of the birth of the Messiah. This audio series will help bridge the gap, explaining the original context of every line and detail in the biblical stories. Dr. Edward Sri not only helps listeners understand an earlier pivotal time and place, he also brings them to a deeper understanding of the great mystery of God’s entry into the world as one of us.

Part 1: Announcement to Zechariah
Part 2: Annunciation to Mary
Part 3: Visitation
Part 4: Nativity
Part 5: Presentation
Part 6: Simeon’s Prophecy and Christ Child in the Temple

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