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Healing of the Family: Leading, Preserving and Protecting Your Family in Today's Culture - 1 of 5 Part Audio Series

When it comes to teaching and living the Faith with explosive zeal, understanding, compassion and a love for God that radiates in every breath, the person that immediately comes to mind is none other than the Peruvian-born Fr. Philip Scott, the founder of the Religious Community, "Family of Jesus Healer".

This modern-day apostle is a man on a mission - a "living whirlwind of pure preaching power!" In this series titled "Healing of the Family: Leading, Preserving and Protecting Your Family in Today's Culture", Fr. Philip Scott teams up with Mother Mary Elizabeth--also from his community--to give a series of challenging, soul stirring and life changing presentations recorded during a recent week long mission.

It is no secret that today, the family is under attack. More than 50% of all marriages, including Catholic marriages end in divorce. In Jacksonville Florida the divorce rate is even alarming 75%! Teen suicide is on the rise, school violence is more common place, immodesty, extra-marital and pre-marital sex is readily accepted, children are having children, pornography is everywhere and there seems to be an apparent loss of morality even among our nations leaders. And these are just some of the attacks that our families must be protected from! However, in a society that has all but gone mad, there is a voice crying out for sanity. A voice calling out to families in their darkest hours and to those struggling to raise good holy families. Are you ready to hear that voice?

This 5 CD series is packed full of the necessary tools, both spiritual and temporal to not only arm your family, but to provide the inspiration for you to be a good husband, father, wife, mother, teen, young adult and child of God. If you buy one thing this year, it needs to be this tape series. This CD set is worth it's weight in gold. Every Christian family in America needs to hear this series and implement into their family the awesome insights of these two holy people of God.