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"Healing the Wounds of the Heart" Women of Grace One Day Conference

Women of Grace One Day Conference

"Healing the Wounds of the Heart"

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

Boca Raton, FL

8am Registration

9am - 3pm

“…daughter, your faith has saved you, go in peace.” Luke 8:48

The story in the Gospel of Luke about a woman afflicted with hemorrhages for twelve years, unable to be cured by anyone, ends with her total healing after making her way through the crowd to Jesus coming up behind him and reaching out to touch the tassel on his garment. “Someone has touched me; for I know that power has gone out from me.” Her bleeding stopped immediately.

The woman's faith in Jesus was so strong and evident by her action of simply reaching to merely touch His garment with her fingertips, knowing that that alone had the power to heal her physical ailment. We, too, need to seek Jesus with that same expectant faith, in total trust and surrender, for healing. Not only physical healing, but healing the emotional and psychological wounds of our hearts, knowing that through Him ALL things are possible.

Even the most difficult of circumstances, memories, losses, pains of childhood, and reversals that create these ‘heart wounds,’ CAN be healed! As we experience healing, we grow in holiness and in greater union with Our Lord, Jesus Christ, which will ultimately lead to our salvation!

Join us for this Women of Grace One Day Healing Conference and learn what a ‘heart wound’ is, how to begin the healing process, and how to experience God's healing power and endless mercy. Grow in your faith and union with Jesus!

The day will include presentations with Johnnette Williams, confession, lunch and fellowship with Sisters in Christ, adoration, and a healing rosary! 

"Healing the Wounds of the Heart" Tentative Schedule (EST)

8:00am Registration/Coffee

9:00am Welcome/Introductions/Opening Prayer

9:15am “Heart Wounds: What Are They and What Causes Them?”

Johnnette Williams

10:05am Event Notes/Break

10:25am “Discovering and Healing Our Heart Wounds”

Johnnette Williams

11:15am Event Notes/Witnesses

11:45am Boxed Lunch/Prayer and Reflection/Confession

12:45pm Raffle

1:00pm "God’s Healing Power and Mercy"

Johnnette Williams

1:50pm Break

2:00pm Exposition

2:10pm Healing Rosary and Individual Blessing

2:50pm Benediction

3:00pm Closing

4:00pm Parish Vigil Mass

Event Date/Time(s)

START: Saturday, February 04 at 8:00 AM US/Eastern
END: Saturday, February 04 at 3:00 PM US/Eastern

Event Information

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
10300 Yamato Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33498

Contact Information

For question and more information, call, 1-800-558-5452

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Event Speakers

  • Johnnette Benkovic Williams

    Johnnette Benkovic Williams is Founder and President of Women of Grace®, a Catholic apostolate for women featuring a number of outreaches including conferences, media, study groups and more.

    After years of being a non-practicing Catholic, Johnnette experienced a deep conversion back to her Catholic faith in 1981. Her conversion sparked a new vocation: sharing the Gospel message through the utilization of media. She has been an inspiring and consistent presence on EWTN Catholic radio and EWTN Catholic television for over 30 years.