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"Angels, Miracles, and Other Supernatural Phenomena" Women of Grace ONLINE Event


"Angels, Miracles, and Other Supernatural Phenomena"

Women of Grace ONLINE Event

Three Sessions: Friday Evening 6:30pm-10pm, Saturday Morning 9:30am-1:00pm, Saturday Evening 6:30pm-10pm

Saturday Evening Session includes a Healing Rosary

Speakers Include:

Mike Aquilina

Michael O'Neill, The Miracle Hunter

Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Adam Blai

Paul Thigpen

and Johnnette Williams

This interesting and insightful event will have your wheels turning as you learn more about angels, who they are, what they do, and how they operate! Miracles, the heavenly interventions God has gifted us with to show his power and mercy! In addition to how the supernatural holds the spiritual battle within its realm, how that affects us, and what we can do to enter in and be victorious! Be amazed and enlightened! Your prayer life and perspective are sure to grow. 

“Angels, Miracles, and Supernatural Phenomena”

Sessions and Presentations:

-Friday Evening Session-

The Angelic Hosts: Who They Are, Their Purpose and Mission

Mike Aquilina

 Supernatural Phenomena: Miracles and Heavenly Interventions

Michael O'Neill

-Saturday Morning Session-

The Angelic Hosts: Their Mode of Operation

Susan Brinkmann

Supernatural Phenomena: Separating Light from Darkness

Adam Blai

Spiritual Warfare: The Enemy’s Diabolical Strategies

Paul Thigpen

-Saturday Evening Session-

Spiritual Warfare: Engaging the Battle

Paul Thigpen

Winning the Battle: Confession, Deliverance, and Exorcism

Adam Blai

The Rosary: Weapon for the Win

Johnnette Williams

Healing Rosary



Event Date/Time(s)

START: Friday, October 01 at 6:00 PM US/Eastern
END: Saturday, October 02 at 10:00 PM US/Eastern

Event Information

COST: $75
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Event Speakers

  • Mike Aquilina

    Mike Aquilina is a popular author of Church history, especially the study of the early Church Fathers. He is executive vice-president and trustee of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, a research center based in Steubenville, Ohio. He is a contributing editor of Angelus magazine and general editor of the Reclaiming Catholic History Series from Ave Maria Press. He hosts "The Way of the Fathers," a podcast produced by CatholicCulture.org. Aquilina is the author or editor of more than fifty books.
  • Johnnette Benkovic Williams

    Johnnette Benkovic Williams is Founder and President of Women of Grace®, a Catholic apostolate for women featuring a number of outreaches including conferences, media, study groups and more.

    After years of being a non-practicing Catholic, Johnnette experienced a deep conversion back to her Catholic faith in 1981. Her conversion sparked a new vocation: sharing the Gospel message through the utilization of media. She has been an inspiring and consistent presence on EWTN Catholic radio and EWTN Catholic television for over 30 years.
  • Adam Blai

    Adam Blai is a church appointed Peritus of Religious Demonology and Exorcism who has worked in training priests in exorcism nationally for fifteen years, and internationally since 2020.  Adam has a Masters in Adult Clinical Psychology, with most of his clinical experience in forensic settings.  In addition, Adam has had considerable experience with holy angels in both prayer work and in evaluating potential miracle cases.  He has written books on miracles and exorcism cases, like his latest book, The Catholic Guide to Miracles: Separating the Authentic from the Counterfeit, which has been featured on EWTN. Adam works full-time for his Diocese and is currently attending Canon Law school and working on additional publications.

  • Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

    Susan Brinkmann, OCDS, author and journalist, has joined Living His Life Abundantly & Women of Grace as Staff Writer. Susan is a member of the Third Order of Discalced Carmelites and comes to us from The Catholic Standard and Times, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where she served for six years as a correspondent. She has won numerous national awards for her work and has published several books, including two historical fiction novels, a book on Carmelite prayer entitled, “Lord Teach us to Pray” and a book on the fraudulent research of Alfred C. Kinsey entitled, “The Kinsey Corruption,” published by Ascension Press. She has devoted her life and talents to building up the Church and tearing down the culture of death, and is pleased that the Lord has called her to LHLA/Women of Grace to continue this vocation. Susan is single and writes for us from her home in Horsham, Pennsylvania. Look for Sue’s articles and her latest book, "We Need to Talk: God Speaks to a Modern Girl," on our website blog at www.womenofgrace.com. You can reach Sue at sbrinkmann@womenofgrace.com.
  • Michael O'Neill

    Michael O’Neill is an award-winning author, EWTN television and radio host, and creator of the popular miracle-tracking website, MiracleHunter.com. O’Neill, a graduate of Stanford University and member of the Mariological Society of America, has been interviewed about his research numerous times on Catholic and secular media like the History Channel, NatGeo, NBC Today and The Dr. Oz Show. He was the consultant for the National Geographic magazine cover story and map about the Virgin Mary “The Most Powerful Woman in the World” (December 2015). O’Neill is the author of numerous books including his most recent, the Catholic Media Award-winning “Virgin, Mother, Queen” (Ave Maria Press 2019). On EWTN, he is the radio host of the Gabriel Award-winning weekly (Saturdays 1 and 7pm ET) radio program “The Miracle Hunter®” and the television host and executive producer of the weekly (Mondays 11:30am and Fridays 5pm ET) docuseries "They Might Be Saints" about the lives and intercessory miracles of future American saints and the new travel series “Explore with the Miracle Hunter”.

  • Dr. Paul Thigpen