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“Being a WOG exclusive member opens the door to a treasure trove of authentic Catholic resources not easily found online. The materials help me in my own spiritual development as well as in my work in the parish. I intend to use relevant shows and books as a springboard for deepening study and discussion for women who have gone through the foundational program. I’m happy to support Johnnette’s apostolate by being an Exclusive Member!” --- Cathy Morrissey, Facilitator,
St. Mary’s, Manhasset, NY
“Johnnette's topics are always so timely, and I like to catch up on the Catholic issues by watching her show. The video-on-demand feature is great so I can log-in if I'm traveling and catch an episode or two. Sometimes my wife and I watch the show together on our laptop during one of our few "quiet moments" after the kids have gone to bed. I also appreciate reading the weekly newsletter. "Women of Grace" isn't just for women!” --- John Clark, Author of "Who's Got
You: Observations of a
Catholic Homeschooling Father"
“I absolutely love the LUXURY of being able to go back and select any show I have missed and have full access to watch these at my leisure! And each one is truly a gem....inspirational, educational, and very personal to our faith journey...” --- Christine Arnold, Facilitator,
Harrisburg, PA
“One of the nice things about membership is the ability to access any television episode at any time. With so many episodes to choose from, a topic of interest is likely to catch your eye.” --- Scott
“As an Exclusive Gold member, it is such a blessing to be able to sign into WOG online any time of the day or night, to select any episode and catch up. This is even better than a DVR, for there is the added portability on the cell phone these days - it can even make early arrival at the school car line more exciting watching an episode on the phone, should the car radio tuned into EWTN have a temporary interference. When life becomes hectic, tune into WOG for a wee break.” --- Julie McSweeney, Concord, CA

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