Third Annual Planned Parenthood Protest Set for April 28

Citizens for a Pro-Life America, which is headed by Women of Grace board member Dr. Monica Miller, is calling upon pro-lifers across the country to get involved in the third annual nationwide protest against Planned Parenthood which is scheduled for April 28.

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Justices Appear Skeptical of CA Pregnancy Center Law

Even one of the most liberal justices on the Supreme Court appeared very unimpressed with California’s law forcing crisis pregnancy centers to provide information on abortion – a reaction that many say could spell doom for the ill-fated law.

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Catholic OB-GYN on Abortion: Don’t Judge Your Neighbor

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Rebecca Luckett, an Catholic OB/GYN currently working in Botswana, published a shocking op-ed in USA Today in which she justifies her decision to abort a child and says her pro-life Catholic upbringing taught her not to judge her neighbor “until you walk two moons in his moccasins.”

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Pro-Life Lawyer Heading to Supreme Court Tomorrow Asks for Prayer


The lawyer who is arguing at the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow for pro-life pregnancy centers who are being forced by the state of California to provide women with information on abortion is asking for prayers before this potential landmark case is heard.

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Another Fertility Clinic Storage Tank Malfunctions

For the second time in a week, a fertility clinic’s frozen embryo storage tank malfunctioned. This follows a disaster in a Cleveland clinic which destroyed thousands of lives, left almost 700 mothers-to-be in mourning, and is forcing Americans to take a hard look at just how far we have strayed from the truth about the sacredness of human  life.

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