Lord, Save Us!

June 18

“Whenever any grievous temptation or vehement sorrow oppresses thee, invoke they guardian, thy leader; cry out to him and say, ‘Lord, save us, lest we perish!'”
                                                                                    –St. Bernard

Where the Mother is, there also is the Son

June 17

Meditate often on the sorrows of the holy Mother, sorrows inseparable from those of her beloved Son. If you seek the Cross, there you will find the Mother and where the Mother is, there also is the Son.
                                                                        -St. Paul of the Cross

Deeper Needs and Greater Destinies

June 15

The great women always recall us to the deeper needs and the greater destinies; and so they try to save the world from the shallow, the slick, the facile, and the cruel, and to show us that the world of men is not meant to be either a battlefield or a laboratory, but a family.
                                                                                    –Gerald Vann, O. P.


June 14

“Give up prayer, and you no longer see the inwardness of things; you see only the surface. And with nothing to go by but effects, statistics, and evidence supplied by natural perceptions, you arrive at the wrong conclusions.”
                                                                        -Dom Hubert Van Zeller

Three Dads, Three Lessons

by Ellen Mongan

As Father’s Day approaches, my mind races to memories of what I learned from my three best dads. Life is full of learning experiences. I try to learn something from everyone I encounter. I have learned the most from the three most important fathers in my life, my dad, my father-in-law and of course my husband. I hope this article spurs you on to remember what your dad has taught you.

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A Tale of Two Worldviews: Catholic and Secular Bioethics

The Trump administration recently proposed new rules for family planning clinics which will prohibit all abortion-related practices – including referrals for abortion – from taking place in clinics that receive federal grants. Bioethicists on both sides of the issue are avidly debating these new rules and revealing just how stark a difference there is between the secular and Catholic view of reproductive health care.

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