China Now Paying Couples to Have Children

China is the perfect example of why governments should stay out of family planning. This hapless regime has gone from the brutal restriction of births to paying couples to have children after its policies left the world’s most populous nation without the means to support its now aging population.

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Worrying Increase in Yoga Injuries

A recent study by scientists at Sydney University has found that yoga causes musculoskeletal pain in more than one in ten participants, actually worsened more than a fifth of existing injuries, and is just as dangerous as other sports.

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Catholic High School Under Fire for Professing Faith

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Once again, a Catholic school has come under fire for terminating a guidance counselor after it discovered that she was married to a woman. And, once again, the media has joined with the school’s detractors to pour the gasoline of misrepresentation and the usual incoherent politically correct rhetoric on the flames.

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