Who is Sophia?

CO writes: “I recently attended a Catholic women’s retreat.  There was a speaker there that referred to “Sophia, as the feminine face of God”.  I am a cradle Catholic and this is something I have never heard of and it made me uncomfortable for the rest of the day. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the New Testament are all masculine.  Nothing else was mentioned about this until the end of the day during a sending forth prayer ritual in which Sophia, Wisdom of God was thanked 3 times (“for your continual invitation to relationship with the Holy One, for showing yourself in our experiences today and for your presence in this circle”).  This bothered me also so I did not say the prayer aloud as we were instructed. . . 

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Dissident Nuns Consider Severing Ties with Vatican

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

In the wake of the Vatican’s move to clean up the dissention in the ranks of the leaders of women religious in the U.S., the Leadership Council of Women Religious (LCWR) is considering letting go of its canonical recognition to become a voluntary organization.

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