Magic, Murder, and the Pennsylvania Dutch Pow Wow

(Nicholas Tonelli, Wikicommons,

CA writes: “I recently heard about a practice called Pow Wowing by the Pennsylvania Dutch. I am sure it is a bad idea. Would you post about this practice? There was a true murder story I saw on Prime Video called “Hex Hollow”. Someone was killed because they were thought to have put a hex on someone. The practice was called PowWow. I never heard of such a thing. Of course, they interviewed someone who claimed it was just a bunch of prayers, but I know it isn’t.”

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Loved One Involved in NeoPaganism

AM asks: “How do I help a family member who has been involved with people who claim to be wizards and witches? He also claims that God wants him to be a “two spirit” (in other words homosexual). He plays a game called Wizard and also has what looks like Native American Tarot cards. I have already written him a letter regarding all this at the prompting of the Holy Spirit and now he does not even want to talk with me.”

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What is This Strange Bundle of “Sticks” Under My Daughter’s Bed?

DG writes: “Help! I found a strange bundle of sticks in my daughter’s room. They were tied together with a twine string and had a crystal attached. I found them hidden in a shoebox under her bed. I’m afraid they might be associated with witchcraft. Do you know what they are?”

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