Is My Teen Involved in Witchcraft?

We have been receiving a lot of mail lately from concerned parents who have found unusual objects in their teens’ bedrooms and worry that their children might have been lured into one of the hottest trends among teens today – witchcraft. What signs should a parent look for in order to determine if their child is dabbling in the dark arts?

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Witchcraft Rising

A recent story about wicca/witchcraft becoming one of the fastest growing religions in the Hudson Valley sheds light on the rising popularity of “the Craft,” thanks in part to pop culture which presents the occult as being “hip” rather than what it is – extremely dangerous.

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Witchcraft Viewed Unfavorably by Most Americans

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

In spite of efforts by practitioners and the media to improve the image of modern witchcraft in movies and popular books such as Harry Potter, a recent poll found that a majority of Americans, including youth, have an unfavorable view of these practices.

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