The Dark Secret Behind Those Cute Little Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf Doll (Image courtesy of Wikicommons Images, Ana Lygia Vieira Schil da Nina Veiga CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED)

AA writes: “I just read the article  Anthroposophy/Waldorf and Catholic Homeschooling. May I ask a question? I found the dolls they make about a year ago. I started making them but with normal things and using clothing that was given to me just to be able to make dolls for kids. Yes I freely give them to any child that wants one. It is a joy to see a little child smile. Ok I don’t go along with any of their beliefs as I later found out about them. Is it ok that I make these dolls for children? To me it’s a gift from God because he made me able to make them and I make sure to say that they are a gift from God. I am starting to wonder now.”

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Can Catholic Homeschools Adopt Waldorf Teaching Methods?

JM asks: “Can a Catholic take elements from Waldorf/Steiner/anthroposophy into a Christian home? How dangerous is it to implement some of the New Age elements within the home? This is a big problem with Catholic homeschoolers, but it isn’t addressed in other places. To me it’s completely obvious it’s New Age and stay clear, but I do know there is individual free consciences.”

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