Priest Warns Against Dabbling in Eastern Meditation Techniques

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

This article about a priest who dabbled in transcendental meditation for 18 years before coming back to the Faith, comes as a wake-up call to so many Christians who are casually introducing Eastern meditation techniques into their prayer lives. Many of these practices are not as innocent as they appear!

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Centering Prayer vs. Authentic Christian Contemplation

While searching for a parish for her son who is in the military, MB was happy to find a parish near his military base. However, while browsing through the parish’s most recent bulletin, she noticed a recommendation by the pastor about a presentation on centering prayer given by a Trappist monk named Fr. William Menninger. MB asks: “Does the Catholic Church condone this ‘prayer’?  I wonder if [the pastor] has investigated this action before recommending it to his flock? . . . At any rate, I will not recommend this parish to my son.”

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New Age Self-Help Seminar Blamed for Woman’s Death

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

After a four year investigation, an Australian coroner ruled yesterday that participation in an intense four-day self-help program designed to take people on a “journey to the core of the human spirit” led to the suicide of a 34 year-old woman.

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