Does Your Pineal Gland Need Cleaning?

Fontana della Pigna in Rome (image courtesy of Wknight94 at Wikicommons)

TM writes: “Please talk about decalcification of pineal gland. It seems like a good and healthy thing to do. However there is a lot of connection to opening up third eye, etc. There is also a lot of symbolism [associated with the pineal gland] with Pinecones within the Vatican. Please go into depth about this topic. If I can feel better by flossing my teeth, avoiding fluoride, and eating natural foods to decalcify my pineal gland, that sounds like something I would like to do. Obviously I do not want to mess around with anything that is occult or new age.”

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Dr. Zaslove and the Science of Spirituality

The next time you visit your local library, keep your eyes open. They’re not always pushing safe and/or appropriate subjects. For instance, JM, one of our regular blog readers, commented on how her local library was handing out flyers to children hawking the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse. They were also handing out flyers for a presentation by Dr. Zaslove on “Total Healing – The Meditation Prescription – Learn how meditation can support good health.”

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