Highest Dignity


December 30
“God could make a bigger world or a wider sky, but He could not raise a pure creature higher than Mary, for the dignity of Mother of God is the highest dignity that can be conferred on a creature.”
-St. Bonaventure
For Reflection
Pray the prayer of Consecration to Jesus Through Mary by St. Louis Grignion de Montfort. Jot down any insights, reflections, inspirations that come to you through this prayer. Adopt this prayer as your own for the next year or write your own prayer of consecration to Jesus through Mary. Add this to your list of resolutions for the coming new year.

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Attitudes of Heart

July 15

July 15

Mary seeks for those who approach her devoutly and with reverence, for such she loves, nourishes, and adopts as her children.

                                                                                – St. Bonaventure Read the rest…