More about Ghosts

LL writes: “I am a 41 y.o. cradle Catholic.  I recently saw a book my godmother is reading, about a medium who is from the westside of Cleveland who claims to help people who have died and haven’t gone over to the other side.  My godmother is convinced that her mother had a ghost in her apartment before she died, and that this woman helped it “go towards the light,”  She also said her sister had this woman come out to her house, to help some other guy who hadn’t crossed over. When I told her that I would’ve called a priest if I thought there was spiritual activity in my home, she claimed that this woman doesn’t communicate with evil spirits – just poor souls who got confused or had reasons that they couldn’t go over to the other side. Yikes!  Obviously my godmother is/was Catholic – she’s my godmother. However, she’s drifting into spiritualism.  She even said that her sister put some seed over every doorway, to keep any more spirits from entering. Can you give me some resources that I can use when talking to my godmother?”

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Help! My Mom is a Medium!

KB writes: “My friend’s mother is a spiritist medium. The mom wants to visit (stay for a while) but my friend is afraid of having her mom over because she knows her mother is a medium and she (my friend) has children at home she wants to protect from any ‘spirits’ her mother has attached to her. My friend made a mistake by allowing her mom to babysit her newborn then learned that the mom ‘gave’ the baby some spirit gift. How can my friend remove anything given by the misguided grandma?

“How can she honor her mother (who will at some point perhaps need to live with her daughter as she ages), yet protect herself and her family?   The daughter is a practicing Catholic.”

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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

                                                    Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on Unsplash

Yes, there is such a thing as a ghost. Disembodied souls can and do appear to humans at God’s command, but what about ghosts that appear to mediums and during seances? 

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