The Princess and the Shaman

                                                                                                 Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Norway’s Princess Martha Louise has announced that she will no longer officially represent the royal house due to her intentions to marry Durek Verrett, the American “Shaman to the Stars.”

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Can Shamanism Be Compatible With Christianity?

CF writes: “Google keeps sending me this banner for Shamanic healing across the top of my e-mails. Out of curiosity, I went to look at what the newest in “new age” was offering. Can you believe (no pun intended) that the 4th bullet point says that “you won’t find anything contrary to to your religious beliefs”…WOW! I bolded the actual bullet…see below. I am so sick of new age being pushed down our throats! I asked Google to stop these banners!”

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Loved One Involved in NeoPaganism

AM asks: “How do I help a family member who has been involved with people who claim to be wizards and witches? He also claims that God wants him to be a “two spirit” (in other words homosexual). He plays a game called Wizard and also has what looks like Native American Tarot cards. I have already written him a letter regarding all this at the prompting of the Holy Spirit and now he does not even want to talk with me.”

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