Catholic Pastor in Gaza: “No One Knows What Lies Ahead.”

Father Gabriel Romanelli, pastor of Holy Family parish in Gaza, spoke of “overwhelming feelings of uncertainty” in the wake of the massive attack on Israel launched by Hamas militiamen on October 7.

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Our Lady of Las Lajas: Miracles in the Rocks

by Theresa Cavicchio

Mary, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, has merited numerous titles down through the centuries, many very familiar. Sometimes, though, a new title comes our way – a hidden gem revealing to the faithful another jewel in the crown of devotion to Our Lady.

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His Blessed Mother

October 30

“God has fashioned and shaped only one enmity, and that an irreconcilable one, which will endure and even increase, until the end. It is that between the Virgin Mary and the Devil, between the children and servants of the Blessed Virgin and the children and accomplices of Satan; so that the most terrible of the enemies of Satan created by God is Mary, his Blessed Mother.”

-St. Louis de Montfort