Saint Joseph the Worker: Ever on the Job

by Theresa Cavicchio, OFS

As we celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, we recall his stellar qualities, such as prudence, trustworthiness, and integrity. In commemorating this particular feast, such traits typically would be applied to decades of labor in the carpentry workshop at Nazareth, at the home he shared with Jesus and Mary.

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Saint Joseph: Strength Born of Silence

by Theresa Cavicchio

Although each year it falls during Lent, the Solemnity of Saint Joseph on March 19th affords us an opportunity to celebrate. We remember the humble man chosen by God to fulfill two
extraordinary life roles: husband to Mary, the Mother of God; and foster father to her Son,
Jesus Christ. By reason of his exemplary fulfillment of these while here on earth, from heaven
Saint Joseph assumes a third role, ongoing and continuing: patron for the faithful seeking his

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Joseph of Nazareth: The Strong, Silent, Just Man

Joseph of Nazareth has been a trusted confidant, beloved father figure, and favorite saint to me over a span of many years. Researching his life, I am reassured; I have chosen my mentor well. The same sterling characteristics – faithful, compassionate, humble, hard-working, obedient, strong, protective – reveal themselves over and over again in his story. Those, and countless other positive adjectives, make up the portrait of a righteous man whose life was centered on God and family.

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