Do Organs Have Emotional Energy?

LB writes: “I have a relative in my family who is a trained physical therapist. I have noticed that she talks about organs “having certain emotional energy” These energies give way to our illnesses in our bodies.  She has even been able to sense that a patient had an abortion years earlier, causing her uterus to retain the trauma inflicted to it.  Many people admire her ability to release this negative energy from her patients.  I worry that this seems very new age. In all other areas of her life she is an outstanding catholic. She has been trained in cranial sacral therapy, holistic healing, too. Any thoughts?”

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My Introduction to New Age

by Lisa Marino PT, DPT

After discerning God’s will to integrate prayer and spirituality into healthcare, I left my mainstream physical therapy job in 2017. I was amazed at how much better my patients improved with an hour of one-on-one care, more time to listen and encourage them, and especially prayer for healing.

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