What’s Wrong with the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”?

Stephen Covey

MG writes: “I am looking for information on The Seven Habits program. My children go to a Catholic school that has incorporated the program into the counseling program. I have been trying to find out more about The Seven Habits program because of what I will call a “gut” feeling. I do not what to go to the school before I have more information to back up my uneasy feelings. Is the program ok and if not where can I look to get more information?”

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Is Guided Imagery and Visualization New Age?

JB asks: “I would like to know if relaxation exercises such as visualization and abdominal breathing who have proven to relieve anxiety are accepted by our Faith. I’m not talking about visualizations where one’s soul supposedly “leaves the body” or anything weird like that but those where one thinks about a scenery and after a while releases fears and stress somewhere (perhaps a cloud, a hole in the ground, etc.) or sees them fade or disintegrate.”

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