What to Do When a Librarian Stuffs the Parish Library with New Age Books

TS asks: “I am a volunteer in our Parish Library and am causing trouble by respectfully and carefully questioning why we allow certain authors in our ‘Catholic’ library.  The librarian is a very recent convert and has said that if the Vatican has not excommunicated the authors, then their books must be OK.  And the pastor is very liberal and was a good friend of the ‘centering prayer’ priest, Fr. Menninger.  I’ve researched to try to find something that lists specific books because the librarian will only believe that. She says which of the books and I say all, but she won’t go for that.  I am concerned about Matthew Fox, Anthony DeMello, etc., but especially the new age believers like Joyce Rupp, Joan C…. and those.  What should I do?”

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Is Earth Hour New Age?

PH writes: “I am writing  because I have connection to the Sisters of Mercy having Mother Francis Bridgeman as an ancestor. I have just watched your show with Susan Brinkman who has written the book series ‘Learn to Discern’ and when opening my e-mail from the Mercy Foundation was horrified to see the link for Earth Hour which seems very New Age. I am aware of the dissent in some Religious Orders and pray for conversion to true catholicity for all involved. May I have your comments about this Earth Hour link if you have time in your busy schedule?”

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Detroit Bishop Advises Priests to Avoid Dissident Conference

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit has issued a cautionary letter to the clergy of his diocese about an upcoming conference being sponsored by the American Catholic Council (ACC), an umbrella organization comprised of some of the most radical dissident groups in the country.

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